Merry Christmas from Sydney, Australia!

& our first run-in with covid...

December 30, 2020

Our very last full day in Tasmania (so we thought) was spent at Tasman National Park again, where we revisited to hike the Cape Raoul Trail, which was supposed to have even better sea cliff views than we’d seen before. The sea cliffs were just as amazing as we expected! 

We didn’t like this particular trail as much as the Cape Hauy trail, but the views were undeniably awesome! I don’t have too much else to say about it other than… it was cool! On the way out, we got to see a quoll and a few other critters. I swear I saw a furry little Tasmanian Devil butt too. 🙂


Two days after we booked Sydney for Christmas, they had a small COVID flare-up, which was looking bad with how much it was spreading and being right before the Holidays. That flare-up ended up getting our flight canceled, so after a lot of back and forth and our Sydney Airbnb host encouraging us to come out, we ended up rescheduling after a hassle (btw Jetstar, you suck) and getting on a flight out a day later. We even made it in time for Christmas Day!

And keeping up with the new tradition – we had a mini holiday photo shoot in front of the Sydney Opera House… Which due to covid was COMPLETELY empty! No one was in our photos! Not sure if we’ll ever get an opportunity like that again!

The COVID flare-up in Sydney totally cooled off, and we haven’t done much in the city other than enjoy city life and get a bunch of work done… because we just didn’t want to be out and about with covid flaring up… but there will be a later update when we do more.

A couple of people have asked about our YouTube. We took TONS of video in Tasmania; I have still got a LONG way to go… they’re shaky and probably have bad audio (I have since gotten a better mic, woohoo!), but yeah, we have so many amazing videos, and I’m excited to make them. My computer is just having a hard time processing stuff. It may just be getting old or I may need to switch editing programs… let’s hope it’s the latter.


Well, that’s it for now… I’ll post when I have some new video up or an update. HOPEFULLY that will be soon, but I have to plan the next leg of our trip. 🙂

Additional Photos:

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