Crazy Beaches and Amazing Food! (Exploring St. Maarten & St. Martin!)

A mission to see as much as possible!

December 28, 3023

After a long stint of being totally free, we’re now back on US working hours. So here in the Caribbean, that means we don’t get a whole lot of time in the day. Regardless of our limited schedule, we still managed to do a lot in St. Maarten and St. Martin!

Then after our rainy hike, we attempted to visit Maho Beach. It’s that famous beach where the airplanes land *directly* over it! Maybe you’ve seen pictures of it online. I would be surprised if you had not!

We found out the hard way that this particular beach takes a bit of planning. The big airplanes only land at certain times of the day. 🤦‍♀️ So we kind of wasted that day, but only sort of. Despite our disappointment with the airplane-less beach, we did find where to park for our future visit!
For some quick context on the island, it is split into two countries: the Netherlands and France. So for our next outing, we decided to explore Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side of the island. We drove over and found… nothing open! We were there too early! We still got to poke around the sleepy town and see the cool street art! Because we finished so early there, we also managed to squeeze in a trip to Fort Amsterdam. There wasn’t much of the fort left, but there were amazing views of the surrounding area!
Then we decided to take a couple of days really easy. We hadn’t allowed ourselves to properly rest after our flights yet. During this lull, I made a Caribbean-inspired painting with my new watercolors (I treated myself to an early Christmas with professional paper and artists’ grade paints!) I love how my iguana turned out. Alan and I simultaneously named him “Rolly” after he said he looked tasty and tropical like a fruit roll-up.

We also tried our first restaurant here after going to a few stalls that were either closed or had a line out the door. We bumbled into an empty one. And… Holy. Smokes. I had heard the food on this island was amazing. I was NOT disappointed. I got the most amazing fried chicken and plantains. Alan had a delicious stew!

For our final day in St. Maarten and our only full day here, we woke up early with a mission to drive around the entire island! First up, we found an awesome spot filled with TONS of iguanas and a beautiful lookout point.
Then we crossed over to the French side of the island. We visited the most popular beach there and found a nudie beach, which also happened to have a lot of cool ruins from a hurricane a few years ago! And yes, we did dare to go au naturale, although away from everyone. It’s something the island is known for, so we just had to experience it. lol.
And then we drove on over to the airplane beach. I thought Maho Beach was going to be an overrated tourist trap. I was wrong! It was SO much fun! It was so cool to have the planes land so close! Also, have the jets throw you around a bit when they take off! However, one of the smaller planes came in wonky and had us all running away. I’m pretty sure they barely made the fence. 😂
After our fun there, we made our way back to the capital of the French side of the island, Marigot. We had heard the restaurants there were even better! They were not quite open yet, though. So we walked to another fort that was on the hill just outside of town. That view was also spectacular! And it was cool being up top and seeing the little differences the French influence made in the city!
Then we finally made it to the restaurant we were aiming for and it was also delicious. Alan liked it even more than the previous place we had eaten at. I didn’t, though! My chicken the other night was too delicious to beat.
Anyway, I’ve been trying to make these updates more often. I have no clue when I’ll post it, but I’ve been making a point to write it down sooner.
Have another cool one coming soon! See ya then!

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