All signs point to… Oahu!

Another visit to the islands....

December 21, 2023

After many months back in the good ole USA, Alan and I finally had the opportunity to travel again. The only condition? We only had about 3 weeks before he had to be in Boston and San Diego for conferences.
So we were looking at our options… initially we wanted to go to Europe because that would place us relatively close to the East Coast. Then we started looking at the flights there. They were expensive, long, and had lots of layovers. It wasn’t too enticing.
Looking at our options off of the west coast, we noticed flights to Hawaii were only about $100. Oh, and Alan’s high school friends just happened to have their roommate recently move out and offered us a place to stay. All signs were telling us to take a trip to our favorite place in the world… so we did! 
We left the day after Alan’s moms annual halloween party, which was a total blast!!! I went as a bat, like I had wanted for years… and made the mistake of painstakingly making my own costume from scratch! 😂 (but hey, we won scariest costume!)
The next morning… because for some reason we always seem to leave immediately after a big party, we caught a flight to the islands. And we were back on Oahu for three-ish weeks! We stayed on the east side of the island, where we hadn’t spent a whole lot of time. We were only 10 minutes from our favorite beach there though! (Also the one we got married at!)
We did not do much while back, it was the rainy season and Alan had recently injured his knee. So snorkeling was going to be meh and hiking wasn’t an option either. BUT we did get to visit a lot of our old friends, which was awesome! With them we got to try some new restaurants and also got a peek at what the boujee hotel suites at the Royal Hawaiian are like! (The view of Diamondhead!!)
We also visited Waimanalo Beach most days, woke up for sunrise at Lanikai a couple of times, and visited a few of our favorite spots like Manoa, Kahana, Ho’omaluhia, Waikiki, and our favorite restaurant!
Then we found a couple of new spots! Most notable was our journey to find another abandoned WW2-era bunker. Oahu has TONS of them. We drove out to Mililani and searched for a solid couple of hours just to find where to park for the dang thing.

We finally parked, had to walk over a mile just to find the trailhead, started down the trails, and then realized finding it in the jungle would be almost impossible… just like that we happened to run into a hiking club going to the *exact* bunker and they showed us how to get there. The thing was HUGE. Never had I seen anything like it. 

You definitely would not expect that structure on a tiny little island… I think it had a couple of miles of tunnel to explore. Alan had been looking for structures like that for years… he had even reached out to researchers on academic papers for info to no avail. Lol. He was thrilled to have made it to one of the spots that eluded us for so long. Maybe next time we’ll make it to another secret bunker.


We also got to have a great little Friendsgiving with our friends and hosts. And yes, we did it Hawaii-style! We all went to our favorite beach for body surfing and sunbathing. Then Alan cooked us up some delicious short ribs while we prepped all of the normal Thanksgiving sides and celebrated!
And then our stay on Oahu sadly came to an end! I’d be lying if I said we didn’t consider just not leaving and setting up shop again lol. We had to head back to California, where we did not stay for too long before we finally went abroad again. We did stay just long enough to get in the Christmas Spirit (got to do crafts with my bestie) and to say bye to Alan’s mom’s cute guide puppy.
Anyway, that’s one of many updates I have to come! The last couple of months have been packed!

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