I’m Not Sure What Happened…

So to sum up our time in Barbados...

December 16, 2018

Note: As some of you may know, these posts were not originally created on this website. They were mostly posted on my social media accounts and an old blog (which this website has now replaced).


While going through the archives to re-catalog everything, it appears that a few posts are unfortunately missing. One of them being about the rest of our time in Barbados!


I will continue to try to locate them and find the old photos, but until then, I will attempt to briefly summarize the things we did from my rather fuzzy memories. (This is precisely why I now vlog and record everything!)

After getting more settled in, we tried to find another way to walk around that scary road, but the road was situated perfectly in the middle of cliffs with sheer drop-offs. So, we definitely slowed our pace in Barbados due to the lack of convenient transportation and the extremely high cost of everything.

But we still did a few things on the weekends! We figured out how to navigate their mini buses, which were insane. The driving was terrifying, the music loud, and I have never seen people pack into a van like that nor be so incredibly efficient at letting people on and off!


Figuring out the buses opened up a lot more of the island to us. We made it to Bridgetown a few times to explore and browse the shops. There, we discovered our love for Caribbean Rotis – they’re kind of like a burrito and Japanese curry had a baby!


We also were able to navigate to some of the island’s coasts. So, we got to see the very famous Bathsheba Beach as well as other places like Silver Sands. There was not a whole lot of development, which was quite surprising for such a big tourist destination! It was nice getting into some nature, but it was also nice roaming the resorts, which had tons of tourist shops and musicians playing daily!


And despite the cost of things, we did splurge on a couple of activities. One was Hunte’s Garden. It was very expensive for what it was, but we made the most of it and enjoyed the variety of plant life. We also did a snorkel tour to a shipwreck. Unfortunately, they required life vests, so we could not dive down, and the reef was… entirely dead. But it was nice to get out on the water!

Our last weekend there, our incredible Airbnb host took us for a drive around the island. He showed us places that were special to him, told us stories, and just gave us some general background. He was also so kind as to buy us lunch from his favorite eatery. Trust us, we tried to cover his expenses, but he flat out refused! Hahaha. To this day, I am touched by the genuineness and kindness of the Bajan people.


On our very last night there, we finally made a friend. He was actually our Airbnb host’s son, who had just arrived for a visit from his new home in Spain. We talked for hours, grabbed dinner, and also went on a drive to his favorite local park. I don’t know what it is about him… but he was just one of those people who instantly made you feel connected, comfortable, and in their inner circle. I strive for his type of charisma and authenticity!


Much of our time there is a blur now, and I hope I can recover the missing posts. But Barbados certainly will be remembered as the friendliest place we’ve ever been. 🙂

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