One Day in Boston, U.S.A.

First time on the East Coast!

November 29, 2023

Another VERY late post… but continuing from my last post. We had been on the East Coast of the US! I decided to meet up with Alan after his work trip and we hung around for a bit afterwards! And while the USA is way too expensive to actually travel in, we have made a couple of quick stops.

The first was a day in Boston!

While there we got to meet with ANOTHER one of my friends from student government in high school! He has achieved his PhD, is hard at work in his research, and is currently working on a cure for type 1 diabetes. 😱 


It was awesome meeting up with him for lunch, having him show us around a bit and something extra special was getting to see his lab!! (Maybe that’s just me and Alan geeking out a bit though lol). Thanks again Leo, you made our very short trip to Boston so much more fun and memorable!

And we really enjoyed our day in Boston too. It’s very pretty, it felt very walkable, and I felt like we were able to cover a lot of the major sites in an afternoon!

I’d love to visit again and see more one day… it’s so pretty!
I wish I had more to say, but out time there was really too short to do much!

After Boston, we went out to NYC, which I’ll write about in the next post!!

Additional Photos:

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