10 days in Florence & 1 Day in Milan

The rest of our third visit to Italy...

November 28, 2021

Back to our normal updates! After Turin, we spent 10 days in Florence before making a quick 1-day stop in Milan. I know I did a mini update already, but here are a few more photos… Sorry I’ve been so bad with photos; I keep forgetting to take them.


Florence was a BEAUTIFUL city. Also, obviously rich in history. It was smaller than anticipated… at least the old town was. Fortunately, that made it very easy to see it all and get around. We stayed literally right in the central market of Florence, which was awesome! Our Airbnb was an old Tuscan house… like exactly how you would imagine it… from the colors, to the beams, to the brick, to the decor. Everything. We’re pretty certain it was an older relative to the host’s home.

It was in a very lively part of town, and the food at the market was great. Florence also had a lot of wonderful dishes… sandwiches, pizza, pasta, steak, truffles galore (Alan’s fav), and gelato… omg the gelato was the best we’ve had, and I ate more of it than I care to admit. Florence, despite being such a touristic city, had some pretty impressive food! Also, the architecture and art were INCREDIBLE! If you’re ever in Florence, the Statue of David is worth the ticket fee alone! We did miss the Uffizi Gallery, which is a bit of a shame, but that just means we will have to visit again!

After Florence, we caught a quick train to Milan and spent 1 day there. Kind of wish we’d stayed longer; there was so much to see, and it was SO much nicer than I thought it would be. Not sure why it gets the reputation it does. We very much enjoyed walking around, seeing the Black Friday sales/crowds (apparently that’s a thing here too?), and tasting Milanese food, per the recommendation of my friend Alessandro. (Milanese risotto is SO GOOD!) 


Oh well, next time we roll through we’ll have to give it more time! We caught a flight out the next morning… but I’m so pooped after this weekend, so next update coming soon! I’m sure I missed something about Florence/Milan in this post, but I think I’ll leave it to the videos for the sake of not making this too long.

Additional Photos:

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