Paris is Growing on Me!

Our second trip to Paris...

November 27, 2019

Our second trip to Paris was off to a rocky start (see our last post for the story!) BUT we’re glad we gave the city a couple of chances!


We met up with an old friend from San Diego who is living here, and it was just fantastic to have a friend on the road! We had some amazing Indian food (& got a pretty funny dirty look, and our food was taken away when we joked about the chutneys being so delicious we could drink them! hahaha) and then we all went to the flagship Sephora on Champs Elysees, which normally wouldn’t be remarkable enough to write about, but it was HUGE, and they literally led you down a massive red carpet. As a Sephora fan… It was just a cool experience hahaha.

That was our first night, but we all went out to a couple of restaurants/cafes, and a fantastic crepe place during our couple of weeks here and just had a great time! If you ever see this, thanks again, Anna! Friends always make our time in a place special. 🙂

Other than that, Alan and I did a moderate amount of touring here. (And we really should’ve done more, considering we’ve finally mastered the trains.) We visited Disney Paris again & if you ever visit, it was WAY less crowded in the summer!!! I know, I’m shocked too. We went thinking it would be empty! Regardless of the crowds, it was a blast to go! Even if it was a bit hard to get to due to the train strikes.


We explored more of the city and kept finding ourselves in the lively Latin Quarter, which we think is our favorite area of the city! We visited the Eiffel tour a few times and finally caught one of the night light shows. We also found the cutest Christmas market near the Louvre! (But it reeked of a mixture of cheese that smelled like feet and mulled wine.) 

We discovered that we love the local groceries… even more than we thought. French food, even just the standard food, is insane! I ate way, way, way too many Pain au Chocolates from a local bakery our friend recommended (just so happens we stayed in the same neighborhood she lives in!), crepes, and these delicious, creamy yogurts I have only ever seen here. We also found this amazing duck and lentil soup as well as powdered vanilla extract? So perfect to travel with. Sorry, I think I may be hungry as I am writing this; it has mostly been about food. Lol.

I’m sure we did more, but I suck at updating and need to make a point of doing it every week instead of every 3 because my posts get too long and I forget stuff, annnnd I get worried messages from friends and family.

Overall, Paris took a WHILE to grow on me, but I love it!

Anyways, our flight out of here leaves early, and I probably should’ve gone to bed about 3 hours ago! We’re headed to Tokyo! Wish us luck in that time zone.

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