Diary Worthy Day in Florence

Such a perfect, happy day...

November 24, 2021

Can’t wait for the Florence update, I loved today and want to remember it. (Plus I’ve wanted to do more frequent updates anyways 😂) 


Woke up late with Alan, we got the best gelato ever for breakfast (peanut butter flavor – that’s healthy, right?), strolled into a cafe playing great music that the barista and I danced and sung to as she made us coffee, explored a gorgeous park on a hill with Alan, and walked up to a basilica with a view. 

While we were up there someone asked me to take a few photos of him and his gf… then when I asked if they wanted any more poses, he goes “yeah actually, one more” and ended up proposing to her! (That was so smooth I can’t handle it 😂) I was so excited that I got to take their pics & they ended up being a super sweet couple so I did a very mini photo shoot with my camera for them. 

Then we explored a cemetery with grandiose mausoleums (some were kinda spooky lol), walked by the river during an incredible golden sunset (as most sunsets here are), and on the way home, the famous sandwich shop in Florence that always has dozens… if not hundreds of people in line was miraculously empty. So we got to try that legendary sandwich. 😂

I have an actual update coming soon, I just HAD to record this day. It made me so happy. 

Additional Photos:

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