An Old Friend in Italy!

Zurich to Domodossola to Torino

November 22, 2021

We left Switzerland and stopped through a small but charming Italian town called Domodossola for a day. Everything went so smoothly; we hopped off the train and made it to our flat right in the heart of the city! It was two stories and pretty much had everything we needed!

We loved exploring this little mountain town; we almost wished we had planned two days to explore here. There were some great views over the city (I guess on clear days you can see the Alps!) We had the most amazing Italian food and coffee, and it just felt so cozy and welcoming… There were also no other tourists, at least that we saw!


Then we stopped in Turin (or Torino, in Italian) for a few days and had a blast exploring the very lively city. We stayed in an Airbnb just outside of the city center, the top floor of a multi-unit family home that belonged to their daughter away at college. It was a bit dark, but also very cozy, and we generally enjoy a legitimate home over a plain old Airbnb unit!

While in Turin, we had a lot of amazing food like their famous thick hot chocolate and the best pizza we have found in Italy so far!!! We got to see most of their major sights and monuments, hiked a mountain for panoramic city views, visited their huge market which was going on by chance, and just had a great time! This is another one that is just best recorded on our videos!


It is also not really a big tourist hot spot, but we decided we wanted to stop here to not only break up our travel day to our next destination, but also to visit one of my friends from high school that I met through their study abroad program. And I was pleased to see him killing it at his dream career with the UN! Thanks again for making the time to see us, Alessandro; it was definitely the highlight of our time in Turin!

And finally, we made our way down to Florence, where we’ve been for a week or so now, but I’ll make a separate post for that! Not sure where we’re headed next… but we have 3 days to choose. (Also sorry for my lack of photos… none from Domodossola. Been kinda bad at it since I started taking videos, lol)

Additional Photos:

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