Flight Cancelled! (Almost Missed the Wedding!)

Probably the most hectic two days of our lives...

Jan 1, 2023

After Costa Rica, we had Alan’s best friend’s wedding to attend back in San Diego!!!


Which we nearly missed… Our flight to arrive in San Diego was booked about a month prior. We only had a very short window to visit the USA because of the FEIE arrangement, or we would miss the cut-off for that because we had to spend so long there earlier this year for our quarantine and vaccines…

But there was nothing out of the ordinary until the night before. We were all packed up and left La Fortuna a day early to make sure we could get certified COVID testing done, and back in our little hotel room in San Jose, and ready to go the following morning.


 I was up late fussing with something – Alan was, of course, pressuring me again and again to get to bed on time. Good thing I didn’t! Around midnight, literally the moment I was setting my phone down to go to sleep we got the dreaded text “flight canceled”. Yikes.

And the annoying customer service calls with JetBlue followed. Even with a canceled flight, you know it’s a massive hassle to get them to agree to a refund. None of their new flights would get us back for the wedding in time. But because I just happened to catch this before the morning… We somehow managed to get the last two seats on the only flight that would make it back in time.


And we did, we even made it for the rehearsal, literally off the plane and went straight there! And then we celebrated our friend Leif’s wedding (you may have seen him in our Greece posts a while back!), which was so so so amazing! And somehow within this 48-hour window visiting San Diego, we somehow managed to get in our re-supply of American goods, shopping, in AND a visit with family – which was mostly done on the car rides to and from LAX!

And then bright and early after the wedding (I think it was like 5 am or something) we were right back on a plane and headed to our next destination. Post coming soon! 🙂

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