Our Sexist Airbnb Host in Strasbourg (Ok, It Was Funny Though)

Some people just aren't with the times...

November 9, 2019

We spent this week in Strasbourg, France.

Strasbourg was much closer to the cuckoo clock town we were originally aiming for! (See our last post if you aren’t sure what I mean!)

Strasbourg is right next to the German border, so it has an amazing mix of German and French influence! There are tons of super awesome themed buildings to gawk at, tons of beautiful scenery, and the fall colors just made this city pop! We arrived at the train station where our Airbnb host, a nice, older French man, came to pick us up – right from the station! How nice of him!


He showed us around the Airbnb, in his extremely limited English and we don’t exactly speak French. lol. The Airbnb was another well-appointed and large space. It had huge windows with a view over the city too. We loved watching the European starlings fly in their abstract shapes when the sun would set in the evenings! The unit itself wasn’t particularly nice or new, but it was perfect for us!

For some background on this part, some countries are still quite sexist – France included. I know I shouldn’t find this funny, I know some people would have left him a bad review for this alone… but I guess I am more easygoing and thought this was hilarious. 


Our host, while showing us around, opens up one closet and says “For the man!” and points out kettlebells and a variety of workout equipment before happily walking over to another closet and swinging open the door while saying “and for the woman” as he gestures at a vacuum and cleaning supplies. 


I guess he wasn’t quite with the times, but I was holding back my laughter at the hilarity of it. Anyways, I just wanted to remember that!

We spent most of our time in Strasbourg walking around the town and enjoying the beautiful fall scenery, architecture, and we poked around to pick up some cold weather gear! It has gotten cold here, and fast! We have also spent tons of time in the grocery markets. We LOVE French grocery stores… they have so much delicious food and so many options. I am seriously jealous American stores are not more like this. I don’t understand why!!

Throughout the week while on our many walks, we saw Christmas decorations going up like crazy. It makes me a little sad that we are leaving before they’re all up! (exciting plans ahead!!)


Other than poking around town, we didn’t do a ton this week because Alan’s knee has been bothering him and we’ve both had a lot of work to do. We did manage to try a couple of very OK restaurants and one awesome little chocolate/truffle place.

Other than that, there was nothing too notable this week other than the town itself! It is seriously a perfect storybook city!

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