Halloween in Germany’s Black Forest (We Messed Up…)

We stranded ourselves, but...

November 8, 2019

If you read our last post… We literally booked this leg of our journey the day before we left for it. Well, that led to us making a big mistake!


So we decided to spend the last week in the Black Forest, Germany. We were aiming for the full Fall cuckoo clock experience – think Freiburg im Breisgau. But with our budget, we thought, oh, we will just stay a town over on the train line! Cheaper and it only takes a few minutes to get there.


Well, we somehow ended up at the END of the train line and stranding ourselves in the middle of nowhere… in this tiny, tiny town called Zell Im Wiesental. BUT, while the experience didn’t end up being the cuckoo-clock town we had aimed for, it ended up being really amazing and special! Would definitely not change it!

We found ourselves in the bottom floor of a German home. It was a beautiful, clean space that felt almost brand new. It had huge windows that overlooked the distant hills, so we could see the fog roll in every day. And upon arriving there, we found two more mistakes: 

1. The internet was not working (which we were able to fix with our hotspots) and 

2. We arrived on a holiday when the markets were closed… With no food. Well, we had at least packed enough we could ration out and survive on! Hahaha


Aside from our travel mishaps while getting in, we went out to explore and found what felt like endless forest trails just behind our Airbnb! We spent a lot of time hiking around and exploring. Being fans of unusual fungi (we spent our first date hiking and mushroom hunting – no joke!), we were stoked to find tons of actual toadstools (like this 🍄) and fairy rings.


One of our days out and about, we also found a completely remote castle in a nearby town. Like a real, German castle with almost no one around! It was unreal! Also, it was pretty awesome spending Halloween where the Brothers Grimm were inspired to write their fairy tales. I can attest to the forest being pretty creepy in some spots.

To top this part of our trip off, I thought I got my first tick ever (my mom later informed me I had one when I was 3, but this one clearly upset me more). I wish you guys could have heard my scream and cries when I looked down to see it fully embedded in my knee… And then my complete freakout before we pulled it out.

Fingers crossed that I don’t get a tick-borne disease!

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