Halloween in Tokyo!

My favorite holiday in my favorite city!

November 1, 2022

Probably my favorite Halloween weekend ever!!!


Halloween… my absolute favorite holiday. We have missed it the last few years because we have been abroad. So you could imagine my excitement when knew we would be in TOKYO for it! 


Living in Waikiki, we had heard many great things about Japan’s version of Halloween – we even got a few tourists that would visit and celebrate Japan style! And let me tell you, the experience did NOT disappoint!

We’d spent a few days roaming around Tokyo to find costumes. We explored some major chain stores like Don Quijote and Sanrio, which did have quite a few options for your more run-of-the-mill quick costumes… but then we started to get deeper and deeper into the costume/cosplay scene. We found ourselves at some pretty unusual and niche cosplay stores like Mandarake. 

And best of all? Many of these stores had extremely affordable second hand options!! They had some seriously amazing stuff for sale too! We picked up a couple of full costumes and we were ready for Halloween!! (Although Alan being so tall STRUGGLED! lol. The second night he opted for cat ears!)

It was a massive celebration with everyone in high spirits & great costumes – all there just to have a fun time and let loose. We didn’t take many photos ourselves, but we met a ton of people… including a bunch of photographers and video makers. Some we connected with online, and they even sent their photos/videos of us!! 


I’m pretty sure we’re also on a solid 1,000+ people’s phones now too. Soooo many selfies were taken with strangers. 😂 So the few pics we do have are here, but we focused on videos!! We already have one up and posted on our YouTube. (Highly recommended for my fellow Halloween party lovers, lol.) I’ll try to get to an update post up soon!

Additional Photos:

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