HOLY COW, Switzerland is Amazing!

Our week exploring Lauterbrunnen

October 26, 2019

Last week, we stayed in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. HOLY COW, Switzerland is amazing! 


 On our Flixbus ride in, we watched the most amazing sunset! It had illuminated all of the leaves on the trees in shades of gold and copper during our drive through the mountains.

Low clouds also rolled in over the valleys and lakes, and the water had an incredible turquoise hue because of the dissolved minerals in it. The hills were lush green, and dotted with wooden chalets stylized with old script, and flower beds hung by the windows were filled with bright red flowers.


When we arrived at our Airbnb in Lauterbrunnen, which was an incredible little Swiss cabin, it was already nighttime, so we couldn’t actually see the valley until the morning. That evening, we ate way too much fondue, which I don’t think I’m a huge fan of, and cheese at the only restaurant we tried during our time there (because Switzerland is as expensive as it’s reputed to be!). Afterwards, we strolled through the dimly lit town, and enjoyed the sky lit up by the stars… just incredible!

The next morning, we woke up to the valley, and the pictures we took hardly do it justice! It is probably the most beautiful place we’ve ever been! We spent our Saturday hiking and riding gondolas to Mürren and a nearby neighborhood, then walked back through the valley. Along the way, we were surrounded by an icey-blue river, trees in full fall colors, waterfalls, and a strange tune of cowbells (and higher-pitched goat bells), that created a cool wind-chime-like song that echoed all through the valley.


Throughout the week, we also visited a few other towns. We hiked to Wengen on one side of the valley, and it turned out to be our favorite town, despite being almost entirely deserted with most places closed. It ended up being a perfect, relaxing, quiet fall day!

The following day, we hiked to another random town on the opposite side of the valley. Wednesday, we decided to explore Lauterbrunnen again, and on Thursday, we took a train to Grindelwald, which was very cool and had great shops, but Lauterbrunnen’s scenery was definitely more spectacular.


On our very last day, we met a friendly kitten and frantically planned our next trip because we had no plans for the following day (today). More posts will be coming soon, but in case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely loved our time here! It was expensive, but I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to experience this place. Hope you enjoy the photos too! 😀

Additional Photos:

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