Lazy Days in Lake Como

We relaxed... and then relaxed some more!

October 22, 2019

We chose our next destination with the intention of resting because we have been absolutely wiped!


So, based on the recommendation of Alan’s mom (whom we unfortunately said goodbye to at the end of our Venice trip!), we decided to spend two weeks in Lake Como, Italy.


We arrived at one of the best Airbnbs we have ever stayed in—a small, two-story Italian home just a few blocks from the shore and the city center. It was beautifully decorated inside and had a rustic feel. And the best part? It had HEATED FLOORS! The entire building had heating controlled by hot water with pipes that ran under the floors!

Honestly, we didn’t do much other than relax in this house during our Lake Como trip. We settled in, found some decent Turkish kebab places nearby, and discovered an awesome little grocery market. The town became unbearably packed with tourists on the weekends but transformed into a peaceful little lakeside town on weekdays. We went for a walk near the lake or in Como nearly every day to take in the views! It was cool seeing the colors start to change for the fall over time. We also spent some of our time trying different gelato flavors and picnicking by the lake. One place had the most amazing coconut gelato!

As Americans in a Halloween-free land (which was sad), we wanted to get into the Halloween spirit. So we bought fall-scented candles and watched spooky movies at our super awesome Airbnb on the cold, rainy days.

We also attempted to visit Bellagio, but it wasn’t really doable in our time frame due to our schedules. However, because we stuck around, we caught the end of the Tour of Lombardy (apparently a huge cycling event) and stumbled upon a cute little street festival.


And then we tried to go hiking, but on the only trail we could find out of town, we encountered a man who was enjoying himself a bit too much! (if you know what I mean!) He didn’t even bother to stop when I made eye contact, so we had a good laugh, but then decided to turn back.

I’m not sure if we experienced Lake Como the “right” way, but regardless, it was beautiful, and it was great to have some time to relax. I was ready to leave when we did!

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