Made it to the Colosseum… Sort Of. (Pula, Croatia)

Enjoying the last bit of the Summer season!

October 16, 2019

I realized I haven’t updated in about a month, and some people are starting to worry.

We are alive! We’ve visited three places since my last update. Our first stop was Pula, Croatia. To be honest, Pula didn’t quite top my list as a week-long destination, but it would have been great for a day or a weekend trip. I think some of Croatia’s other destinations offer more variety


That being said, we did enjoy our time there. We spent our days playing with adorable street cats and indulging in pizza, with our favorite coming from a place called Jupiter’s, if I recall correctly! 

We happened to be in Pula at the end of their light festival and a 5k/half marathon/marathon that concluded inside their Roman colosseum. That was actually pretty cool; I wish I had known about it beforehand, I would’ve signed up!

Pula also has an awesome farmers’ market where we stocked up on way too many veggies and fruits. We attempted to go hiking but discovered the area was quarantined due to a minefield. It turns out Croatia still deals with issues from unexploded ordinances. It makes sense given their history, but I hadn’t realized it was still an issue.

Despite missing out on the hike, we did visit a cute swimming area. There were a couple more things we wanted to do, but we had time constraints. Perhaps next time we pass through!

Stay tuned for the next post, coming soon.

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