A Real-Life German Fairytale

Munich without plans...

October 16, 2018

I’m a little late posting, but we finished our stay in Germany! It was super beautiful there, especially during the fall season. The colors were a stark change from Hawaii’s constant green.

On Monday, we spent hours walking around a giant cemetery in search of a park within it. It felt like stepping into a fairy tale movie, with staff diligently maintaining it – cleaning and adding fresh flowers everywhere. We never found the park we were looking for, but the experience was incredibly beautiful and peaceful.


The following day, we visited the touristy part of town, Marienplatz. It was insanely crowded, but we stumbled upon the English Garden from there, which happened to be nearly empty that day. We strolled around, watched the viral social media river surfers, and then headed back home.

Unfortunately, I got super sick for a couple of days, so we decided to take it easy and stayed near our Bnb and explore another nearby park. I think the colors there were some of the most vibrant we’ve seen!


On our last day, we had planned a trip to another town by a lake. However, we were unexpectedly ran into train line construction on the one weekend we were there. So, we found ourselves back at the English Garden and had a pleasant day walking around, even though it was much more crowded this time. We finished off the day with dinner at a fantastic Chinese restaurant before catching a flight to Italy on Sunday.


I have a lot of pictures from Saturday and other places we’ve visited on the fancy camera. I just need to get on it and upload them. 😂


See you in Italy!

Additional Photos:

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