Prost! Oktoberfest in Germany!

Our first time in Germany.... Oktoberfest!

October 9, 2018

We left Prague for Munich, Germany, on Sunday and managed to catch the last day of Oktoberfest! We were originally going to visit Berlin, but for seemingly no reason, the prices were hiked higher than Munich, which was actively hosting Oktoberfest. So, to Munich, we went! And it was a pretty fun introduction to Germany. 😂


The ride over was super beautiful and through hills covered in forests that looked like they were on fire; the autumn colors were so intense! So many reds and golds! We arrived, and the first thing we did was catch a train and follow the masses of people wearing lederhosen to Oktoberfest.

I didn’t realize Oktoberfest was actually a giant fair in addition to masses of people drinking beer in tents. We walked around for a couple of hours, enjoying all the weird themed rides, bought some overpriced food, and then went to a restaurant where we obviously had to order giant beers, sausage with kraut, and schnitzel. It turns out to get a seat at Oktoberfest proper, you need to reserve far in advance. Which we did not! (But we enjoyed being seated and sharing beers next to strangers anyways! haha)

We walked back through the fair and enjoyed the lit-up rides, watching drunk people make their way around in mass, avoiding piles of vomit, and finally stopped at this ride with a crowd laughing hysterically at riders trying to run on what looked like a super-fast conveyor belt before falling and being flung to the end of the ride. I was laughing so hard it gave me a legitimate ab workout!!! It’s those “little things” that would never fly in the US make life very fun abroad. 😂


After enjoying everything, we walked back home to watch yet another scary movie. I’m really missing those Halloween decorations right about now! 🎃👻

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