Prague: We Too, Fell for the “Ham Scam”

Continuing our European adventure in Prague!

October 8, 2018

As I mentioned in my previous posts, our original plan was to head to the Black Forest, but we ended up taking a different path and heading north. And I am happy with that decision! 


It led us to Prague, a city that has pleasantly surprised us in so many ways. Prague is beautiful! I guess it is one of the big cities that remained intact during WW2, so it maintains a lot of the original architecture of the old city.



It can get crowded, but it is also big enough to hustle and bustle. We can see what people mean when they say it has a “Disney-like” vibe with its highly styled buildings, bustling streets filled with people, tons of food stands, cute pop-up shops, and street performers at every corner.

Our first night there, we found a restaurant where Alan ordered some pork ribs and ended up with a serving the size of his head. 😂 This week was a bit more laid-back as we stayed a bit outside the city center, but we spent the week trying their food and exploring the buildings, stores, and checking out the fall colors which are really starting to show!

Unfortunately, the food here is SO good that when trying a new food stand, poor Alan fell for the “Prague ham scam”. Neither of us really likes ham, but the spits were so enticing. 😂 What’s the ham scam? Well… the stands charge an insane amount by the weight of what they serve you. So they cut you off an enormous amount of the worst possible piece. Then slap an also enormous amount of cheap side dishes on. I think it ended up being something like 40 euros. We should have refused, but we’re dumb tourists… so like all the others we didn’t protest and ate it. lol.


One evening, when Alan was itching to get out and explore, we stumbled upon a Rastafarian-themed bar run by a few awesome guys from Nigeria. We spent a couple of hours chatting with them and then encountered a hilarious Russian guy on the street who REALLY wanted to keep the party going and invited us on his adventure. 

Regrettably, we could not with our schedule. Hopefully next time, dude!

On Saturday, we walked around with the good camera (a rare occurrence!), explored the castle and all around town, spent time together in a park, and found another amazing underground restaurant on the outskirts of town. We walked a while more before finding desserts – chocolate cake that was more like a chocolate bar. Lol. Finally, we went back to our Airbnb before the next leg of the trip! Stay tuned! 🙂

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