A Relaxing Week in Budapest!

A change in seasons and total relaxation!

September 24, 2018

We’ve been having a blast in Budapest! One of the best things about this place is the affordability of the food. We’ve been trying out so many delicious dishes. But you know what? The very first spot we dined at is still our favorite!. 😋


Our next adventure took us up to Buda Hill, we really loved this area! We got to see the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Matthias Church. Then we found a cozy neighborhood perched on the tops of the hill. These historic sites were amazing to spend a day at!


Friday was our last warm day here. Right after the equinox, like the flip of a switch, the weather went from really nice to absolutely freezing! ❄️

We’ve been a bit tired, so we treated ourselves to Thai massages, which were a fantastic way to relax! After that, we headed home for a homemade lunch and then went to check out the famous thermal baths. They weren’t as toasty as we expected, but the real adventure came with visiting the sauna – it was my first time trying one out and I thought I was melting! Idk how people habitually use these!😂


Later, we walked about 5 miles in the cold (we have no cold weather clothing!!!) to find a nice dinner spot. Budapest is a bit early to close, so it was a bit of an adventure finding somewhere that was still open.

Sunday we woke up and picked up some pastries and had a fun mini picnic in the park on Buda Hill. We walked all over the city, and then we cozied up at home with hot chocolate and a Halloween movie.


Can’t believe we’re already coming to a close on Budapest! Our original plan was to head to Germany’s Black Forest. However, after checking out the prices, we might be changing our route! 


Do any of you have suggestions for a forest or places to see fall foliage around Europe that won’t break the bank? We’d love to hear your ideas – Preferably an affordable place so I won’t have to sell my organs on the black market just to visit. 

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