We Found Alan’s Mom in Edinburgh, Scotland!

A Harry Potter lover's dream...

September 21, 2019

On September 15th, we traveled from Lviv to Edinburgh, Scotland. It only took about 20 hours of travel time, and we enjoyed a nice 9-hour layover with a further delay. 


Upon arriving, we met up with Alan’s mom, who we will be traveling with for the next couple of weeks! We only had 5 days planned in Edinburgh, all working days. Given our limited time, we couldn’t cover much ground, but the city is picturesque and beautiful! I would love to come back and explore more one day.


We were pleased on our first walk in town to find the sound of bagpipes echoing around the city and being played by multiple musicians around town. The city felt like it was out of a fairytale, with a castle and tons of buildings perched up on all of the hills. 

We strolled through the town’s notable sites and spent time browsing the various tourist shops. The Harry Potter-themed shops were especially fun – especially as Harry Potter fans. One was three-stories and completely renovated with Harry Potter and Castle decor.

Our visit also included a stop at the castle, which, while interesting to explore, was absolutely filled with tourists – to the point where it was almost uncomfortable. We then climbed Calton Hill, which had amazing views over the city. From up there, you could spot many of the major monuments and buildings too. If you haven’t caught on to a theme yet, we love cats and will make any excuse to visit a cat cafe. So of course, we couldn’t resist a visit to one!


On our last day, we saw a massive climate change protest that was so crowded I think the whole country might have been there.


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a country or city where we did quite right. We just didn’t have enough time here, and I definitely didn’t capture enough photos during our stay. I guess that just means we will have to come back!


Speaking of going back somewhere… We departed Edinburgh at 4 am to head back to Croatia. The flight was almost empty with the peak travel season over… we were actually one of the last groups on this flight route before it ended this season, so we each got our own row and got to fly over the Austrian Alps – just a beautiful sight from the air!

Hopefully, I will have more to share soon!

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