Hungary for More! (We’re in Budapest!)

See what I did there? hahaha

September 18, 2018

Budapest is awesome! This is somewhere I thought I would never get to go, and I never really prioritized it, but so far, it has exceeded my expectations. I’m glad we took the opportunity to visit. We got here Sunday evening, and the first thing we did was sit down at an amazing Hungarian restaurant. We walked around and found some sort of festival going on, and then continued to explore this beautiful city!


We’re staying on the Pest side, right by the Great Market Hall and super close to the city center. In the last couple of days, we’ve enjoyed walking all over, visiting the Danube River, a bunch of touristy sites, and a few restaurants. The food here is some of the best we’ve had in Europe! I don’t have much else to say right now. More updates to come. 🙂

Additional Photos:

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