A Month in Cozumel! (Alan’s Mom Is Back!!!)

Getting to know Cozumel Island

September 17, 2021

Picking up where I left off… Cozumel, where we stayed a full month! I mentioned in my last post that we planned to go on a freediving trip with a local couple we met on FB and a couple of other people. We showed up to the tour we were supposed to go on and discovered they weren’t going to let us actually dive, which was the entire reason we were going. So we decided not to get on the boat.

Instead, the couple we met drove us around the island and showed us a couple of local spots with some sunken blocks for an artificial reef and a couple of sunken ships. It was super sketchy swimming out there; Cozumel has a wicked current and LOTS of boat traffic. Definitely wouldn’t have gone if our new friends didn’t have a dive flag! The diving was pretty neat though; there were tons of huge concrete blocks that had become home to a variety of coral and marine life! I only wish it was a bit more accessible from shore.

The following week, we had made a couple of really cool friends and fellow travelers currently living on Cozumel, working on their business. They are extremely knowledgeable about the island and showed us SO many cool local spots, restaurants, snorkel locations, and took us to the furthest tip of the island called Punta Sur and explored some of the island’s best nature spots! Meeting them really made Cozumel awesome for us, and I definitely don’t think we would’ve made it to half those spots if they didn’t show us!


The following weekend (we’re really living for the weekends in this time zone lol), we went on our Scuba dive. I felt like it was the first time I was truly comfortable doing scuba. I have always felt like it’s a bit cumbersome, and I’ve always been worried about getting everything right. 

But like I said, this time was just different for some reason, and we had a BLAST! Like I said, Cozumel has crazy strong currents, so you basically get below the water, and you just fly across the reef on a drift dive! Sometimes it almost felt too fast! There were also a couple of cool coral caves we went through, just a couple of short passages, nothing that requires the extra dive training. Although after doing it, I can see the allure of cave diving a bit more – I had previously never had the slightest interest! Notable animals on the dive were a large nurse shark and a massive eel!

Mid-week, Alan’s mom met up with us on the island! This is the second time that she has come to travel with us, and we’re so excited to have her along on another trip!!!

We had a ton of fun snorkeling and checking out beach clubs, which Cozumel is absolutely full of! One even had a beautiful private cabana and an entire park to explore, filled with replicas of old Mexican ruins, shops, and other cool installations! Of course, the following weekend we did another snorkel tour… which was fun, but we really only snorkeled for about 20 minutes. 😕 We did, however, spend a lot of time at spots with the most incredible, clear, blue water you could imagine! On the tour, we also met another local couple who had some serious dance moves! lol

And that was our final day on Cozumel. We had one last dinner with our new friends, watched a killer sunset, and then prepped to head to our next destination – to come in the following post!

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