We Missed Our Bus, But…

A stop in Zagreb before our next destination....

September 16, 2018

We finished up our stay in Croatia. Split was a very small city, so after Leif left, we spent a lot of time relaxing. (Food was involved, ofc)


On Saturday, we met up with someone in the US Coast Guard; he was stationed in Hawaii while we were there, but we never actually met him until he happened to be in Croatia at the same time! I don’t know how we met… Somehow over instagram or maybe a friend of a friend… But it happened! He and Alan really hit it off and they explored a building under construction (while I waited, too afraid to enter 😂) before walking all around and finally ending up at a completely empty bar, chatting for a couple of hours.

Alan and I went on a walk all the way around Marjan Park, which is right by Split, to finish our exploration of the area. And honestly… we are just so busy on the weekdays that we did not do much else other than walk around at night to try the new flavors of gelato a shop we liked offered!

The next weekend, we woke up to our Airbnb host frantically calling us asking when we were leaving… we found that we had slept through our alarms. We had already missed the bus we wanted to catch to Zagreb and had just minutes to clean the apartment and pack. It was a bit frantic, but we ended up on a bus to Zagreb only a couple of hours later than we wanted.


We arrived in Zagreb with only a night planned there and decided to try a bistro our host recommended to us, and it was absolutely amazing. We left Zagreb this morning for Hungary on another long bus ride and made it just fine!


 Please forgive my rush and any massive errors I made while writing this one. I’m so tired I’m nodding off. 😂

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