A Soviet Nuclear Bunker & Ukraine’s Independence Day

Over and under the city of Kyiv...

August 24, 2019

Sorry for the lack of updates! The day after my last post, we stumbled into Ukraine’s Independence Day celebration, and it was a blast. 

The whole city was covered in decorations and filled with street food stalls. People all over the city were dressed in traditional Slavic attire and came together for some community activities!

After poking around for many hours, we found ourselves by a river beach and a lovely park across a bridge, where we wandered for a few hours.


The following day was probably the highlight of our stay in Kyiv. Instead of a trip to Chernobyl (you know, given its massive nuclear disaster and radiation not exactly being good for your health), we opted for something else unique.

So we strapped on some old Soviet boots and explored the tunnels under the city—a massive water system—with our guide and a couple of Danish friends. We roamed about and even spotted a cute little bat 🦇. 


After that, we explored the nuclear bunker, which was filled with equipment, supplies, documents, and propaganda. It was a unique way to experience a little bit of history, and in our opinion, way cooler than a typical museum.


The rest of our time in Kyiv was spent exploring the city and eating soooo much Georgian food. And up next… we’re headed to another Ukrainian city! Stay tuned!

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