Queensland Road Trip (Pt 1 – Cassowary Coast & Magnetic Island)

Massive 3-part update on our road trip incoming:

September 7, 2020

Well I totally failed at the mini-updates I said I would post, so you’re in for a long one if you actually read all this… lol. We finished our road trip down the Queensland coast trip from Cairns to Brisbane! We broke up our drive with stops 2-5 hours apart and stayed in a bunch of towns along the way.

Our first actual stop was on the Cassowary Coast. We visited this area with the goal of spotting wild cassowaries. In case you don’t know what a cassowary is, it’s the world’s “most dangerous bird” with a reputation for being inquisitive and aggressive. They grow to be around 6ft in height and have claws up to 5 inches long… soooo naturally, we had to go find them! Which we did! They are actual dinosaurs!!!

Our next stop on the drive was in Townsville. The city itself didn’t have much to it other than city and some hilarious American knock-off stores and a cool little zoo, but it was just a 40-minute ferry ride away from “Magnetic Island.” We wanted to visit this island because it is known for having one of the largest wild koala populations. And being in Australia, we knew we had to see wild koalas!!

We found them almost immediately. They are like these giant wads of cotton that hang out in the trees and don’t seem afraid of people in the slightest. We were able to get pretty close to a couple of them for photos too! Still gave them their space though!


We had a great time hiking all around the island, found some killer viewpoints, found bats (and nasty… nasty spiders) in an abandoned bunker, Alan almost sat on a venomous snake, and we had a not so wonderful time sleeping in a tent. The tent itself was awesome, but other people decided it was pizza party night 10 feet from it! We wanted to do some snorkeling too, but the water was incredibly murky, so we stuck to hiking.

This has been one of my favorite spots, I really hope I get to return again one day. It captured my little heart!
We tried filming some of this… but if I’m honest, I suck at it AND editing. Maybe one day I’ll make something out of it!

Until then, update part 2 is coming soon!

Additional Photos:

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