He Threatened to Sue Us… So We Split!

Made it to Split, Croatia! (See what I did in the title? hahaha)

August 29, 2018

Since the last time I posted, we’ve done a lot! On Friday, we took a stroll down Zadar’s beautiful coast and had a nice lunch by the water before Alan started work for the day. 


We had planned to visit the Plitvice Lakes over the weekend, but a MASSIVE multi-country storm rolled in, keeping us away from the mountains. Instead, we hung around town, tried some local food, searched high and low for nightlife (unsuccessfully), and then the storm finally hit where we were staying on Saturday night. I’ve never seen that much lightning before. It was insane! 😱 

Sunday we ended up taking a ferry to a neayby island called Ugljan. We were disappoijnted to not make it to Plitvice, but this ended up being pne of our favorite travel days! We got to hike around the quiet, mostly residential town, explore abandoned sites, found some reallly really big mussles, and watch the most amazing golden sunset!

On Monday, we slept in super late, Alan started work early, while Leif and I embarked on a Pokémon Go and pizza adventure. We also climbed Zadar’s bell tower to catch another great sunset!


Yesterday, we hopped on a bus (I thought it was a 2-hour ride, but it ended up being four) to Split and found ourselves in an Airbnb that smelled exactly like an ashtray. It was so bad that it hurt to breathe in there, and when we opened the windows, road exhaust blew right in. We decided to leave after a couple of hours. Our host was not happy with us after we cancelled and got a refund (per his own cancellation policy!) The guy even threatened to find and sue us! hahaha… but it was actually a bit scary how upset he was!

 After some scrambling around to find new accommodations, we met a super nice Croatian woman with a beautiful apartment right by the city center, a nice park, and Diocletian’s Palace! She gave us a great deal and even drove us around. 😂 Leif and Alan went on a walk around the area while I caught up on some school work. More posts to come from Split! 


P.S.: Kiki, if you ever see this… we said we were going to party and we never partied. We owe you a party!

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