Old Town Adventures in Zadar, Croatia

Our arrival to beautiful Croatia!

August 24, 2018

Hello from Zadar, Croatia! We traveled here on Tuesday! Our travel day was pretty simple.. Although our Athens driver was a bit terrifying and I got incredibly car sick. Hahaha.


We got into our Airbnb which is an older apartment, but it has an amazing view over Zadar town! Only one room, but there is a couch. 🙂

Croatia itself is ultra beautiful. The buildings all have beautiful and similarly styled red roofs, the ocean is crystal clear, and the plants are super cool. It’s almost similar to California, but… more beautiful in our opinion!

We’re staying in an area called Old Town and it’s very touristy, but also very pretty. There are many old buildings and on the waterfront there is an art installation called the sea organ. It’s an instrument built into some steps that plays music when the ocean waves hit it! Maybe you have seen it go viral on social media, but it is so cool to see (and hear) in person!


Unfortunately I haven’t done much since we’ve arrived as I haven’t been feeling very well since we got here. I’m glad Alan has Leif with him because they’ve been able to go out and do fun stuff while I’m resting. Sorry for my lack-luster update, I’ve been a little out of it for a few days!

Additional Photos:

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