A Weekend Trip to Santorini, Greece!

Another iconic destination!

August 20, 2018

Everyone says that you MUST visit Santorini, the island with the iconic white buildings and blue-roofed churches featured in countless social media posts, movies, etc. for a complete trip to Greece! So, we decided to take a last-minute weekend trip there.


On Saturday, we hopped on our flight and navigated the buses to reach Oia, the really well-known town on the island. We explored the charming little city and enjoyed a great (and surprisingly affordable!)  lunch with an amazing view over the island’s cliffs!

Then, we arrived at our Airbnb, which turned out to be an incredible little cave house perched right on the ocean in Ammoudi Bay, the neighborhood just below Oia. It was not exactly easy to reach. You had to hike up and down a massive set of stairs. I mean, I guess donkey rides were an option too, but we are on a budget! So instead we just got to hike through tons of dried out donkey poo! Hahaha. The hike was worth it though, and after settling in, we spent a couple of hours unwinding in our amazing Greek cave house!

We spent the rest of the night at dinner and enjoying the views! The Santorini sunsets are extremely famous… and crowds formed early in the best viewing spots! So naturally, we had to find out own spot too!

But honestly, it was just a sunset hahaha, but now we get to say that we have had the experience!

On Sunday morning we had to check out of our Airbnb and bring all of our belongings along with us. So with all of our stuff in tow, Alan and I went diving and cliff jumping adventure at the bay near our Airbnb…  while Leif relaxed on the beach. We switched shifts to watch our stuff! After a nice swim, we explored Oia a little more & grabbed another great lunch with a view. 

Then we caught a bus to Thira, the capital of the island where we spent the rest of the evening before sitting around in the airport! We arrived back in Athens last night and have one more day here before we take off to Croatia

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