Welcome to Greece, Leif!

Markets, mishaps, and delicious gelato.

August 17, 2018

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our time in Greece! Since my last update, Alan and I have been busy exploring Athens and its different neighborhoods.

In addition to checking off most of the must-see tourist sites in Athens, we decided to explore the Plaka neighborhood. While it’s very touristic, we explored pretty thoroughly and found some more local feeling areas. 


There, we stumbled upon a meat market that was a bit intense… It felt a bit like a scene from a horror movie. lol. We also found tons of multi-story antique shops, filled with old junk and plenty of cool finds…  although I definitely don’t have a trained eye for thrifting. 😂 I think it would be a thrifters dream location though! That particular neighborhood really makes you feel like you’re on another planet!

We also have found the most amazing gelato place either of us have ever been to, and have since revisited several times!

Later, one of Alan’s best friends, Leif, joined us on Tuesday night after a frustrating airline mishap caused him to miss his original flight. A warning to anyone reading this, avoid booking with Level Air/Iberia Air! They somehow managed to lose Leif’s flight information!

After several hours of back-and-forth on the phone, they finally admitted to a booking error on their end. Only after I told them I recorded the entire conversation and their admission, they FINALLY agreed to a refund. (Which took a YEAR to receive!) Thankfully, Leif still made it here, only a day later than planned!

Now with Leif with us, we’ve been exploring and revisiting various sites, eating tons delicious gyros, and we finally visited the Acropolis, the museum right by it, and the ruins that surround it. 

I promise to share more details soon. Sorry for the delay in updates. As you can see, it has been a bit busy here!

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