Athens Adventures: Made it to Greece!

Getting Acquainted with Athens

August 10, 2018

We’ve only been in Athens for a couple of days, but we’re already enjoying our time here more than we expected.


Our Airbnb is MASSIVE! A two bedroom, legitimate Greek house! (A friend is coming soon so we got an extra!) Only around $300 for two weeks too!


And despite it being the high season here, the city isn’t completely overrun by tourists. It reminds me a lot of California, and because it’s summer, the air is filled with the loud chirping of cicadas in every tree you pass. While the city may appear old and somewhat run-down, it feels relatively well-planned (minus the slippery marble walkways!) and it’s not overly crowded.

On Wednesday, as we were walking from our Airbnb, we realized that the Acropolis is just a few streets away! I thought it was further! Most of the buildings here are several stories tall and built on hills, so it can sometimes hide what’s just behind them!

We strolled around the area with tourist vendors offering all sorts of neat knick-knacks and delicious food. We even found a hill to hike that had an amazing view of the Acropolis, along with its own smaller ruins at the summit.

On Thursday, we visited a large park and passed by several smaller sites with ancient ruins. We also hiked to the highest point in the city, with a small church at the top. We’re saving all of the tours and other activities for when one of Alan’s best friends meets up with us next week!

Oh, and I have to give a quick shout out to the food! It’s incredibly affordable and soooo delicious! I’ll definitely be indulging in plenty more of it during our stay.

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