We made it to Ireland!

And we're now fully remote!

August 2, 2019

On the 27th, we took off to be digital nomads!

This time, we’re traveling until we just don’t feel like it anymore. And this time around, we’re going to travel with only carry-on luggage (wish me luck 😂).

Our trip started with a minor hiccup when we picked up our rental car to get to LAX- apparently, you need a CREDIT card and not a debit card to rent a car! (We’ve never done this before!). We scrambled and Alan’s step dad saved us and let us put it on his!

After that scare, we were on our way to Dublin, Ireland! It’s been nearly a week since we arrived, and we’ve found ourselves in an amazing little apartment perched above the ocean and filled with jellyfish.

We’ve been exploring the city on foot, visited the National Museum of Archaeology (they even had bog mummies!) and the Natural History Museum. We’re loving the European food – we missed it so much! The groceries here are insane – so many amazing fresh fruits and amazing food options, especially par-done meals!

Tomorrow, we’re meeting up with an Irish friend we’ve made who’s eager to show us around. Sunday, we’re going full-on tourist mode with an exciting tour.

I know my updates have been sporadic, and this might sound a bit hectic and unpolished, but balancing a full-time job with travel has been keeping me quite busy. I’ll be sure to post more soon!

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