A Stop in Sunny San Diego!

And I got a new (REMOTE) job!!!

July 25, 2019

Just dropping in for a quick update! 



After our good-bye to Hawaii, we decided to visit family for a couple of weeks in California. While there, we had our Celebration of Marriage party at the most beautiful home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. We knew most people would not be able to make it to Hawaii so last-minute, so we decided to have a simple party to celebrate with friends and family! 

Our trip was short, but we made the most of it! We visited some of our favorite spots in the city with friends, went hiking on a new trail, spotted some of California’s amazing wildlife, and made it to San Diego’s pride celebrations!

And to top it off… I had a job interview for the PERFECT position AND got the job! It’s fully remote so we can keep traveling! I’m incredibly stoked about it!


Anyways, we have some new and exciting international plans just on the horizon! 
Check back soon!

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