We Ate an Iguana and Explored Pirate Forts!

More adventures in Curacao....

July 8, 2018

We are finishing up our stay in here Curaçao! 😊 We spent the last week trying some local food and moseying around Willemstad town. We did finally decide to try to see more of the island though!


On Saturday, we learned to navigate the buses, which were a bit confusing, but we eventually figured it out! We caught a bus from Willemstad to visit some of Curacao’s southern beaches, which are known for their beautiful landscapes.


While we did succeed in finding some absolutely gorgeous beaches, we unfortunately failed at locating any good snorkel spots!

However, while out walking down the coastline we stumbled upon a fort built in 1703 that was in great condition. The fort, known as Fort Beekenburg, was perfectly in tact, so we had got to explore the outside and inside of it! You had to climb up a old ladder to reach the top, but the views were worth the risk!

Near the fort, we had an amazing seaside lunch. We could not imagine how much you would have to pay for something equivalent in the United States. The ocean was literally at our feet. The food was great too!

But we got a little bit too comfortable there and ended up missing our bus back! So, we wandered into a small bar that allowed us to relax in the shade and keep an eye out to see if the bus was approaching! We did eventually end up making it back to Willemstad after a couple of pina colodas. 

Today (Sunday) we caught a bus to go up to explore Curacao’s north! There we also wandered around to find some cool beaches! On the way down to a large, local beach we got a few strange looks from locals. I guess walking as your main form of transit is not a popular thing to do here hahaha. This one, known as Grote Knip, had a huge party going on with live music and was great for a swim!

Nearby we tried the local curry and BBQ iguana. We had never tried anything even remotely close to iguana, so when we saw it on the menu we knew we had to give it a go. And it is AMAZING!!! Seriously so good. Like you took the most delicious part of the chicken and were able to prepare an entire meal from it. It is a bit bony though! Either way, I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to try it out. 😋


We’re on to our next destination tomorrow! I’ll surely be posting about it soon!

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