Back to the Islands! (First Visit to Maui, Hawaii)

Reuniting with friends in Maui!!!

June 29, 2021

Could we possibly visit the US without a stop in Hawaii? The answer was no! 


So here’s a quick post from Maui, Hawaii!!


This trip was wayyyy too short, only being 5 days long. BUT we came here to be able to attend our friend’s beautiful wedding and reunite with a bunch of friends from Santa Barbara as well as visit a good friend from my University!


On this trip, we took a snorkel tour to Molokini crater, managed to do just a bit of hiking at Iao valley, drove all over the island including Kahekili Highway (which I don’t really recommend, that road was SKETCH lol), spent as much time as possible at the beach, saw dozens of sea turtles at Honolua bay (and I wussed out between the cold/murk and missed swimming with a pod of spinner dolphins… glad all you guys did though), ate plenty of delish food, and had an absolute blast hanging out with our friends!

While the guys were having their “bachelor” day, one of the girls also on our trip and I met up with one of my good friends from my University, who is also a Maui native! He gave us an epic tour of the Road to Hana, which is the “big thing” to do on Maui! Thanks again, Kainoa! It was amazing to see an old friend, and the Road to Hana was GORGEOUS! 


We got to do it in the reverse direction and a section of it that is inaccessible to most tourists like us because you cannot take non-4wd drive vehicles on it. While on the road, we got to spend the day swimming in chilly waterfalls and at the red sand beach, which was definitely a highlight of my trip! Also, I’m grateful he drove… because that would’ve taken me at least 8x as long. You could definitely call him a pro!

We finished off the trip with our friend’s absolutely beautiful wedding! We enjoyed every moment of it!!! We’re grateful to have joined them for your special day!


Like I said, our trip was way too short. Saying goodbye to our friends after seeing them for the first time in years was rough. Parting with Hawaii again after years… was also rough. This trip definitely reminded us of how much we love it there.. not that we needed reminding lol…. BUT it’s just not really in the budget to remain there right now.

I did manage to make a little Maui Vlog. I will admit, it’s not the best – other than for memories! We were busy for the majority of the trip and after arriving I realized our camera was broken AND our smaller ones had a mix of user error/failure/fogging up… we’ll see what’s useable!


This little trip was amazing, but on to our next adventure!

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