Dutch Disneyland!

Visting Utrecht and Efteling!

June 14, 2022

After Rotterdam, we caught a quick train to Utrecht.

We’ve been staying in hotels here in the Netherlands; it seems Airbnb isn’t really as much of a thing here anymore. Makes sense, I guess.


Anyways, our Utrecht hotel had an amazing view over the canals and some old buildings. We only had a few days here but had a really good time! And oh, I got a hair cut. I decided after all of the damage from my last bleach to just cut it, almost to a bob. I prefer it to be longer, but this is super cute for right now!!!

We did film our entire time in Utrecht, but some highlights include finding the most adorable little cafe with a black cat in it, wandering around the canals which look like they were straight out of a storybook, exploring the old buildings and architecture, trying some local cuisine, and stopping at a park for the most incredible sunset!!

But we had one more place to go see in the Netherlands!! On Memorial Day weekend, we caught a train to Tilburg, a tiny town with not much in it… other than direct buses to Efteling.

Efteling is often called “Dutch Disneyland”… (I did NOT come up with the name!) It’s supposed to be pretty similar but based on old European fairytales. Think trolls, fairies, etc., etc. It isn’t Disneyland, but it was still super cool. Had fantastic landscaping, loved their fairytale forest (a huge walk/park with beautiful scenery and tons of fairytale scenes), and a really cool ride that basically is designed to make you feel like you’re flipped upside down when you’re not. Lol. Overall a fun day; would love to see what they could do with a Disney budget. 

Then we left the Netherlands for Belgium

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