A Quick Update from Bonaire

Another week of underwater adventures...

Jun 11, 2018

This weekend we did a TON of exploring! It had been a while since our last Scuba dive… and we only have a couple under our belts. So we figured a Scuba refresher course would be good to brush up with. 


We breezed through the refresher and then they took us on a dive to Bonaire’s house reefs. The marine life was totally different at about 60ft below! One of the highlights was encountering a spiny lobster that was as big as a dog – seriously!


But that’s not all! During our dive, we encountered with a remora, a fish known for attaching itself to other, larger animals and hitching a ride. It was actually pretty funny, the little dude was determined to stick to us the entire time! I even got a little frightened because everyone else was emphatically swatting it away – and I did not realize it was just a remora. (I’d never seen one in person and didn’t realize how big they were!) So I was afraid it was going to bite me or something! hahaha. 

After our dive, we continued our adventures with many hours of free diving at a few more sites. Sometime during the week we also decided to take a road trip up north to see Bonaire’s wild flamingos. The trip did not disappoint! They were far away, but there were TONS of them!


Anyways, that is all for now… we’ll post another update soon! 🙂

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