Diving, Donkeys, and… Shower Scorpions?​

Our first week in Bonaire...

Jun 8, 2018

We’ve been here for almost a week now!


It’s very hot, but the desert is a neat landscape, and the water here is amazing! So far, we’ve stumbled upon some wild donkeys, taken a water taxi to another, even tinier island, and had some run-ins with other critters!



The island is known for its wild donkeys and they are so cute! (And fiesty for carrots!) We have been greatly enjoying heading out in the evenings with bags of carrots in search of them!!

We have also taken a water taxi to a smaller island known as Klein Bonaire, where we got to do some amazing diving! We stuck to free diving, but I am sure scuba would be even more incredible. There is a nice graded drop off and the water is so incredibly clear! 

The other night, I found a scorpion right by my foot in the shower!!! I nearly picked it up because I was not wearing my glasses and thought it was a clump of my hair! I was shocked when I got closer and realized it was ready to sting me! hahaha. Turns out they like the drains here! On our first few dives, I got stung by a million tiny jellyfish, but they were wonderful regardless!


We also finally found a grocery store with more than cabbage and carrots available. And we have walked miles around Kralendijk, the capital of the island. 


Eventually, we decided to rent a scooter to get around because this just is not somewhere do-able on foot. We found an amazing deal with a local company because we wanted to rent it for an entire month! 


As soon as we got the little two-seater scooter, we took a drive down the very small coast, and have found the most amazing snorkel sites. There is an incredible amount of fish and coral here – and most don’t mind your presence. We assume this is because fishing is not allowed here! 

Tomorrow we have our scuba refresher course – we are so excited to be able to see even more!

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