We’re Back in Amsterdam!

Can't seem to spend enough time here...

May 20, 2022

After Bonaire, we caught a direct flight to Amsterdam!!! We were supposed to go see the Netherlands’ famed tulip fields, but their last day open was the day we arrived and we had bought tickets to head straight there from the airport and everything… And thennnn our flight was delayed. So we missed that one this time!

But we had a ton of fun on our return visit to the city anyways! & after seeing so many places, I don’t think we gave Amsterdam enough credit for how cool it is last time!!! The city is GORGEOUS! We only had 3 full days there this time, but we managed to visit a large outdoor market and try LOTS of Dutch food (which I fortunately think I walked off there – oooof it’s heavy lol), have a picnic in the “prettiest” neighborhood, thoroughly explore the red light district, check out a “floating” flower market, and see a couple of new neighborhoods that we didn’t make it to last time. We didn’t make it to any of the museums or anything… but we’ll just have to visit again. 

And again, we filmed it all… so, I don’t know, I guess we’re transitioning to more of an outright vlog than a blog? We’ve been able to be a lot more consistent with it lately. 

I guess having a monetized youtube slightly motivates us to create videos rather than just post stuff!

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