Making the Most of Bonaire!

And Leif makes another appearance!

May 19, 2022

Still in Bonaire… won’t make this too long because we did vlog this entire last week. BUT we wanted to make a quick update because we tried to jam as much as we could into our short time with friends visiting.


We went freediving a ton… because that’s pretty much THE thing you do in Bonaire lol. (Or Scuba ofc) But it was so much that all of us had to tell Alan we needed a break. I swear he’s part fish.

On one of our first days we got swarmed by donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary. There were hundreds. Like actually! And I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. It was a blast… but if you go, hide the carrots!


We also made a point to try Bonairian food… I liked the Funchi (a cornmeal dish) but Leif and I tried Iguana eggs… and those have the WORST texture ever. They popped and the shell was like leather. We found out later you’re not actually supposed to eat the shell.

We also planned a tour where we kayaked and snorkeled in the mangroves… which was SO cool. It’s a fairly uncommon and sensitive environment, and in a lot of the tropics, they are filled with crocodiles. So here it’s a rare thing you can enjoy. Like seriously… such an incredible spot if you’re a nature lover. Totally recommend it!


Another night we swam at sunset out in town, right up until the sun went down. We got pretty gnarly jellyfish stings, there wasn’t much out there, but we had a blast! Oh and then we tried all of the local liqueurs (including cactus!) at the Cadushy distillery, explored Rincon & Kralendijk towns, and a few other things I’m sure I’m missing!

Luckily we just bought a selfie stick/tripod with a Bluetooth remote & they’re GREAT for group pictures… so we have a few of those.. and idk why I didn’t get one sooner. I think this may be a game-changer for me and Alan getting pics together!!

Thanks again for visiting Leif and Tori! It was awesome to see you guys! &&& for the friends & fam that enjoy our vids, we filmed pretty much everything… so I hope you enjoy the full video!! 


So many great memories recorded in our video... And it’s a lot better than this block of text, I promise!

Additional Photos:

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