Done with this B.S.

Only took 9 years!

May 11, 2019

On Saturday, I graduated the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BS in Biology. It took me 9 years and was filled with unexpected challenges, but in that time, I gained SO much more than a degree.

There were so many times I felt beyond discouraged. I had been led down the wrong educational pathway for my chosen major (thanks, Gav). There were a few times times where I simple afford tuition for all the classes I needed. At one point, I was working two jobs at nearly 50 hours per week and taking 18 credits. (No, I don’t know how I survived, don’t ask!) I had three transfers with lost priority/credits, stalls due to course sequencing, and a final setback when the last class I needed to graduate wasn’t offered for over a year.

Despite all of these challenges, I’ve achieved my goals and have lived SO MUCH life in between. During the time I spent in college, I’ve lived in four different cities, worked six jobs, attended five schools, visited 15 countries, made countless friends, met the love of my life, realized my dream of getting into a top UC (and went to Hawaii instead 🌺), and received a diverse education with more life experience than I could’ve imagined.

There were definitely times when I felt like I couldn’t do it, felt ashamed for taking so long, and I’d definitely be lying if I said it didn’t sting a little to watch the kids I used to babysit graduate before me. 


However, I realized that instead of chasing a piece of paper in the shortest amount of time possible, I had consistently chosen the path that made me happiest. For me, that’s the greatest achievement!


Mahalo nui loa to Hawai’i, my classmates, my friends, my family, and Alan! I couldn’t have done it without you all. I thank you for your support and for always pushing me towards happiness!

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