Keeping Busy in Hawaii (& Another Surprise!)

We set our date... and it's SOON!

April 29 2019

Late update because I’ve been so busy I can barely function. We hope everyone had a great Easter! I somehow convinced Alan to do some volunteer tree planting with me last Saturday. We helped with the propagation and planting of 4,000 Koa trees! 


Pretty cool!

On Easter Sunday, we went up to Manoa to feed the chickens, one of our favorite pastimes. We stopped by a Long’s because I really wanted bunny ears. We got back in the car and decided to go back because Alan decided he wanted a matching pair. So we both rocked pink bunny ears and spent the day cooking, peep jousting, spending time with friends, and blowing bubbles.


The last couple of months have been relatively calm, and we haven’t gone out as much as usual. We’ve been having fun at the gym, going all out with school and work, and enjoying our strolls down by Diamond Head. Hopefully, things will pick back up after graduation and the wedding! 🐰


Oh yeah, if you missed it, we’re getting married, and the date is set! We weren’t expecting to do it so soon, but we figured our families will be here soon anyway, we love the islands, and we’re ready!

Additional Photos:

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