Made it to Melbourne!

A lazy month in Melbourne...

April 26, 2021

We spent a month in Melbourne, Australia’s second-biggest city located in the southeast of the country. We kind of got into that lull we get into with cities we stay in for too long, where we don’t actually do all that much besides exploring the city! Lol.

Our Airbnb was in an amazing location, but that is where it ended… We had some lovely neighbors that we were certain were on drugs and kept us up the entire month by either blasting bass-y music, moaning as though they had severe food poisoning cramps for hours on end, or sobbing/wailing for hours on end. They did this Every. Single. Day. Multiple times a day. Completely at random, all hours of the day… ugh. 😫


Other than that, Melbourne was a pretty neat city. It had a great mix of architecture, tons of art, and SO much delicious Chinese food!!! It’s supposed to have good coffee too, but we didn’t get to enjoy that with our wacky schedule! If you want to see more about the city itself, I think our video tour of the city covers it better than this post will. (See my previous post!)

Although we didn’t do much, a few highlights include:


  • Going to the Melbourne Zoo on Easter. Turns out kids get in free for holidays, and oh my, it was swimming with screaming children. I like kids, but there were WAY too many for the experience to be fun. Lol.

  • Going out at 4 am to see the little Penguins at St. Kilda Pier! We walked in the FREEZING cold, got rained on, tried to call an Uber halfway through the morning and there were none… decided to finish our walk to the penguin pier and found that it was closed because of covid restrictions. BUT we did manage to see a few Penguins anyway! And a water rat! We enjoyed (more like froze with everything still closed because it was too early) the rest of the morning in St. Kilda and walked back home.


  • Exploring the Queen Victoria Market and trying all the street food! It’s the largest market in the Southern Hemisphere… and I’m not surprised by that. The market took up several blocks!! We have a full video on this one coming soon too! 😀


  • Exploring their MASSIVE Botanic Garden! We just loved this because it was gorgeous!

Don’t have much else to say. There were a few things we wanted to do but just didn’t (probably tired from our neighbors), and then we left to start another Aussie road trip! I’ll probably make another post about that now. Lol


Also sorry for the lack of pics. I realize I suck at taking pics when I’m taking videos instead… but we like those better. 🙈

Additional Photos:

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