I Think Alan Met His Soul Mate

We did Curacao right this time...

April 21, 2022

After Aruba, we caught a teeny puddle jumper to visit Curaçao for the second time! It was a tiny little prop plane. And although I’m a bit afraid of flying and KNOW these are far more dangerous, they just feel better for some reason? I guess if I saw the pilots panic, I would know to start panicking, hahaha.

Last time we only saw Willemstad and a couple small areas by bus… this time we rented a car and got to see a lot more of the island! We picked up our car and drove over to our Airbnb, one with no reviews, in the middle of the island. But oh gosh, we had the sweetest host! It was a small add-on unit to their family home, and she had great taste in decor. (And hair care products!) Only con? Mosquitos LOVED this place! I could never figure out where they were coming from!

We visited beautiful Willemstad city during a lively festival, loved watching all of the performances and dancers, pigged out on some local cuisine – BBQ iguana and stewed goat, found some wild flamingos, poked around the old pirate forts, and spent tons of time in the water! Many spots we revisited. Many were new. You’ll have to check our old blog posts about it; this was pre-YouTube days!

This time around we were lucky enough to make a couple of friends, Carol, and her husband Ron, and their friend Chris! I joked with Alan about being diving soulmates with Ron… they’d go almost every morning together! (And do the scary ones that I was too afraid of, lol). We’re hoping to visit them in Canada or see them on the road sometime! We only spent 2 weeks in Curaçao because although I loved it last time… Alan wasn’t sure!


 It flew by, and he was kicking himself for that because he fell in love with it this time around too! But everything happens for a reason… & right when we got to our next destination, we met even more friends! (We’re actually social again? Is this post-Covid life?) But more on the next spot later… Another short one because most of this was properly vlogged!

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