It Finally Happened… Bed Bugs

Dealing with a traveler's worst nightmare...

April 19, 2022

After Puerto Vallarta, we made another extremely short dash to the states (call it an extended layover lol) But first… bed bugs. 


During the last couple of nights of our stay, we discovered that the laundry place our Airbnb host used had given them infested sheets. We were not sure what it was at first.. But after over a week of staying there problem free, we started waking up with bites and small blood spots on the sheets. Initially I didn’t see anything.. No bed bugs, nothing!

Another night went by… the same thing. And then I inspected our bed again. And I found a teeny tiny red filled speck. I popped it. Blood. I inspected further and found more. At first I didn’t think they were bed bugs, but upon some google review I discovered they were all in their first stage.

And I realized we changed our sheets the day we started getting bit. The laundry place our host used must have passed them along.

UGH. We have bed bugs. And then we came up with a plan.

We were planning on another long layover to quickly visit family and get properly back on the travel path. Not wanting to bring them into their home, we contacted Alan’s dad who got us plenty of trash bags, big poison, and rubbing alcohol. As soon as we got back, we went into the backyard, completely stripped down and had to poison/bag/wipe down/wash EVERYTHING we owned. Every single last surface.


We don’t own much, but it still took us 2 or 3 hours (not including the soak time/laundry lol). I couldn’t imagine having an infested house or something. Lol. Don’t get bed bugs folks. 


The rest of our time visiting we got to see friends and finally made it to one of our friend’s legendary parties!! It was 90’s themed & obviously we dressed for the occasion… & I made an adult Pikachu piñata!! 


And just like that, we were off again! Don’t think I have any pics other than from the party. 😂

Additional Photos:

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