Not Sure Where to Go? Head on Over to Mexico!

Quick dash to Puerto Vallarta

April 14, 2022

After the events of January, we had no plans and needed somewhere to go quick! So, we decided to hop on a quick 2-hour flight to visit our neighbors in Mexico again!


 We decided to visit Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific side, which I loved!!! Don’t get me wrong, the Caribbean part of Mexico is cool, but Vallarta was GORGEOUS and a bit more our speed. 

We loved exploring the old town, the street food was fantastic (especially the churros a woman and her daughter made… I could eat those every day for the rest of my life), the sunsets were unmatched, and the hiking and beaches were fantastic! We also got to meet up with one of Alan’s coworkers a few times, which was a real treat! It was like meeting up with an old friend! 

Other than that.. we didn’t do much! I think we’ve just been feeling a bit more stressed out than usual. We did get to go on an amazing hike, which we did capture in video. I temporarily rocked pink hair, quietly celebrated my 30th birthday, and at the very end of our stay, we had two mishaps with our Airbnb. 


A pipe burst & turned our ENTIRE apartment into a mold bomb!! & I mean everything molded… our stuff, the beds, the walls, the furniture, books on the shelves…. even the doors molded! 


Annnnd the laundry place our host used for our sheet change gave us bed bugs… I felt so bad for our poor host lol. 


But more on that in the next post.

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