I Caught Covid…

Just a few days into an emergency trip to the USA...

April 13, 2022

Our “quick” stop in the states ended up taking a bit longer than we intended! After Turkey, we went back to the USA for an emergency… Unfortunately, my (Brandi) grandfather passed away from COVID. 


Because of our tax/insurance situation, we have extremely limited days in the states… So we flew into New York, stayed literally 4 hours, and parted ways. Alan went to San Diego to see family, and I went to Utah to attend my grandfather’s celebration of life. (Which was beautiful, by the way) The circumstances were unfortunate (of course), but I very much enjoyed seeing my family. I hadn’t seen many of them in years! And both Alan and I somehow managed to get our boosters while home, making travel in the future easier.

 Pretty quick into the trip, I came down with COVID (probably from my family), so I had to self-quarantine for two weeks! It was extremely minor for me, just a few aches and fatigue. And while COVID wasn’t ideal, I loved being able to spend more time with family (who I isolated with). We really don’t get to do that much! It was hard being separated from Alan though… we hadn’t been apart for more than a couple of hours in years… so going nearly 3 weeks was weird, lol. Was hoping to do more in Utah… but COVID just doesn’t let things go your way!


 After everything, we met up again in San Diego, and had to very quickly choose our next spot! Which I’ll post about next!

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