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March 8, 2019

Remember that surprise I had mentioned a while back? This was it!

We decided to wait a bit to announce it until things settled down, and we had the rings made for us.

Although we share a lot online, we have chosen to keep some of life’s most special moments private. Plus, we had talked about it and decided on it in a simple conversation while at home. So we don’t have a fancy engagement shoot or anything. BUT we did take some pictures! 😊

The original Facebook post: “A few years ago when I told my friends I was going on a date with Alan, one of them immediately exclaimed “OMG! You’re SO going to marry him!!” I laughed it off and told her “yeah ok, whatever!” Turns out she was right. 😂
Alan and I fell in love super fast and have pretty much been inseparable since then. We’ve shared over 5 years together and I’m so incredibly grateful for every single day I’ve spent with him. My life has been a whirlwind of adventures since he became part of it and I’m so so so excited for this one. ❤️

Additional Photos:

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