Bridging a Gap (The move back to Hawaii)

6+ months and 14 countries later!

Jan 7, 2019

We have finished our approximately 6-month stay abroad! We visited 14 countries across the Caribbean and Europe. This trip really gave us so many experiences… it was humbling and eye-opening to explore so many different places, lifestyles, and cultures. We are incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity, and I’m grateful for every second of it!

We knew this chapter would have to come to a close. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling mishap with my university, I am going back to UH for another few months to finish up my degree. But we’re also so happy to be back here on Oahu!

We got settled back in pretty quickly. Finding a new apartment was MUCH easier this time around with our previous rental history here. We found a great, fully furnished place right in the heart of Waikiki! It’s literally two blocks from the beach and our favorite park. Also, we had let our old roommate borrow our car while we were away. Unfortunately, she just left the islands so we just missed her, but she left us our car safely parked and we’re so excited to be getting back in the loop with many of our friends – and even making new ones!

I anticipate that these next few months will be quite busy, so I probably won’t be updating as frequently. Even though I took a few classes online over the last few months to lessen the burden of this term, I still have a few challenging classes ahead.

We have also discussed something a lot and have a bit of a surprise coming soon! Maybe I will make a quick post then! 😉

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