Exploring Brussels and Bruges

Museums, Food, and Bruges!

July 17, 2018

Our first week in Belgium was a blast! We’ve honestly not done a ton of touristy stuff, but we have walked around the city to explore the local areas!

As far as food goes, we’re on a budget and Brussels isn’t exactly cheap… so we’ve discovered that we’re quite fond of kebabs, which are not actually Belgian, but the people here make them so well!

Over this last weekend, we visited Brussels’ renowned natural history museum. I LOVED it! They had an incredible display real iguanodon fossils! I don’t think we have ever seen fossils so huge and presented in this way. If you’re into natural history, it’s a must!

Back in the city center, we knew we had to fine those famed Belgian chocolate truffles. We bought a few and sat around in Grand Place sampling them! We also just happened to be there during the world cup… so the energy in Grand Place was wild! They went crazy as they celebrated Belgium’s 3rd place in the World Cup! We don’t really follow along with soccer (aka football), so it was a memorable surprise to simultaneously hear everyone burst into cheers!

On Sunday, at many people’s recommendations, we headed to Bruges—a smaller, incredibly beautiful city. Most of our time was just spent exploring, as per usual, but we also went on the hunt for some good waffles. We never found ourselves impressed in Brussels, but the ones we had in Bruges were amazing!!! Crispy, sugary, simple perfection!

Our stay here was short, but we’ve got to move on to our next destination and our 4th country together! WOW!

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